Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is the Day!

Well, this is the day!  I am flying to Grand Rapids, Michigan!  Beleive me, I have asked myself, "Who flys north in the winter?!"  But when God opens a door and provides an opportunity, you go.  His Word is filled with examples of men and women doing just that!  For one whole weekend, I get to enjoy the company of my friend, Cindy.  Here is picture of us from November 2010 when she was invited to fly to speak at a women's ministry event in Knoxville, TN.

God has placed some amazing opportunities in Cindy's life and I can't wait to go and hear all about them Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Think we can talk that long?!  Oh you just can't imagine!!!  We praise the Lord for free long distance since she is in Michigan and I am in Virginia!

Now, before you think this is all fun and games.  Take a look at Cindy's week.  And as for me and my house,...kinda the same...but we are choosing to serve the Lord and continue to go where He leads.  Our week has had a wrecked car in the snow, complicated negotiations with car insurance, complicated one car scheduling, multiple days of errands, a chruch event, a cold sore, computer glitches, and a smashed and bleeding finger in the door at work.  I can't make this stuff is painful to type (my fingers still hurt!)

Then, I get up this morning to check the weather for my son's school project (charting the temp and checking to see if the cup of water on our deck is water or ice every morning), and the Weather Channel mentions Grand Rapids BY NAME in TODAY's national forecast sharing there is a "lake effect snow warning."  We DON'T HAVE THOSE IN VIRGINIA!  I can only imagine what THAT means!

But, one of the first verses I learned in song and I sing alot around the house with our 5-year old is  "This is the day that the Lord has made, but I will rejoice and be glad in it" (Psalm 118:24).

Because I have to tell you the other things that happened this week (many just last night)!

An 8th grade girl from our Bible Study class brought me a gift into my office at the church and said, "This is for your trip!"  The card was addressed to me and Cindy, even though they have never met.  Another card was signed, "Your Bible Study Buddies" in support of the editing that we will be doing.
Thank you!

Another friend returned a platter (shared cinnamon rolls! YUM!) and with it was a wrapped gift that said, "For your Trip!"  It was the biggest cookbook for bread machine recipes that I have ever seen!  Thank you!

My buddies have agreed to take me to the airport today and pick me up Sunday!  Thank you!

Other friends have agreed to pray for me, my family, and safety while I am gone!  Thank you!  Don't stop!

My mom agreed and was available to come down and spending time with Jeremiah while I finished up things at work.  We had a nice visit and I appreciated her help!  Thank you!

Then, late last night, I check my e-mail and found a link to this article.  I have told my friend, Theresa, that she has a "Forwarding Ministry" through e-mail.  She has encouraged me (and I know of many others) with forwarding e-mails of the Word at the EXACT time that I have needed it MORE than even she KNOWS!  This article was about SNOW and SHARING.  How perfect is that?!  For the WORDS, that I again needed to hear, THANK YOU!

But most of all, I want to thank my hubby and little one who will brave the weekend without me so that I can follow the Lord.  And they are looking forward to it!!  THEY minister to ME, too!  THANK YOU!

So when I count my blessings and witness the Lord moving in other people's hearts to come along side of me as I go and do something that ignites my heart, how can I not celebrate this day?! 

Again, this is the day (planned long ago) that the Lord had made (for me and you...those who support  and love me), I will rejoice (by choice no mater what) and be glad (truly cheerful and grateful) in it ~ a little April amplified!

Prayerfully rejoicing!



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Add me to the list of those praying for you!

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