Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Surgery Scheduled!

Friends, I have had a mild break in my pain and I wanted to thank you for your prayers.  God has intervened on my behalf and I am humbled and grateful as I type before Him.

Remember when I asked you to pray for the follow-up appt. to be moved forward?

Well, in the last two weeks God has intervened twice.  First, without my asking, my physical therapist called the Dr. to try and get me in sooner than August 16th because nothing seems to be improving.  Nothing could be done to the schedule but they would try.  Next, the Dr.'s nurse was at my son's last swim meet, and without my asking, she said she would see what the schedule looked like because she could see that I was in terrible pain.  Well, on August 1st, I got to see the Dr.  WOW!  Two full weeks earlier than expected because of God's mercy.

At that appt., I learned that surgery is my only option right now because when the disc ruptured, it ruptured at L5, S1 (right above the tail bone), and wrapped around both sides of the spinal cord, and it hung on bone spurs.  Leaving it alone stands a greater chance that I could loose control of my bladder and bowels than I do with the surgery.  I asked the Dr. to have mercy on me and my family and try to get us in as soon as he could.  After he checked his schedule he said it would be today, but it got postponed just a bit and it now TOMORROW at 7 a.m. because of God's grace!

To prep for surgery I had to stop taking the antinflamatory meds, but could keep taking the nerve block.  Little did I know how that would awaken the tremendous pain, tingling, burning, cramping, and stabbing pain down my left leg.  Relief was found on the floor, propped up on two pillows under my stomach, on a down comforter.  My left leg can't bare any weight.  But not for long!

It has been a blessing to see how God's hand has worked!  My mind keeps going back to the time when four friends grabbed a corner of a paralyzed man's mat, opened a roof of a house, and lifted him down right to Jesus's feet where he was teaching in the home, asking for Jesus to heal their friend, and Jesus did!  The friends did the lifting, the carrying, the de-construction of the roof, the lowering, and the bringing the man right to Jesus.  What friends!  What faith they had in Jesus to do the work their friend needed!  Jesus saw their deep faith in God.  When the crowd obstructed the doorway, that didn't stop them, they found another way and didn't stop!  The friends knew it would only be by God that the man could be healed, inside and out.

I am blessed by the many, many prayers that been "carried" to the Father for me and my family.  Thank you for taking my heart's cry right to the place where Jesus is.  No door, or roof, or appointment book was going to stand in the way of God caring for me.

Soon, I plan to Arise...put away my mat...and walk without pain.

The surgery is scheduled for 7:00 a.m. on August 7th. 

Thank you in advanced for praying and having a corner of this...
(Thanks for the help with the photo, Mom!)

Grateful Girl on a Mat,