Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Power of One

Did I mention that I love our Wednesday night Bible Study? LOVE IT! Our room is decorated with daisies (EVERYWHERE!), lime green and sunshine yellow transform the white cinder block walls, and middle school and high school girls are seeking the Word.

Which ONE of you would not want to be a part of that?! It is simply AWESOME! Who would have EVER thought that this chic would be a youth Bible Study leader?! NOT this ONE!

Our study on Biblical characters and a recent
Chris Tomlin concert got me thinking..."God head three in ONE, Father, Spirit, Son." If you know the words to "How Great is our God" then you are probably already singing it now, am I right?! But, when my buddy Chris, (after sharing a worship experience from section B6, seat 17, do you think he'd mind if I call him "buddy?") was singing it LIVE in Salem, Virgina this time last week, all the names of Jesus were scrolling across the jumbo tron. As my tears followed them, I thought, "How great are You! The ONE Almighty God can be ALL these names to ALL these different people in ALL parts of life!" WOW! Savior, Lord, Shepherd, Rock, Redeemer, and the list went on and on. ONE name that stood out to me was "JUST." Did it mean, "justice?" or "fair?" or just "just." Sometimes, there is just ONE thing I need and it is just GOD. So simple, but yet eternally complete.

Likewise, sometimes there is just ONE thing that GOD desires - the willing, the obedient, the broken, the contrite heart. Do you know it is possible for ONE person to extend the love of
Love itself? Through Jesus, we are able. In that ONE love given, there is grace, mercy, forgiveness, and healing. You know, there is an entire chapter of God's Word that is written on how we do this! Click here, I'll share The Message.

Are we that ONE that God desires? Ephesians Chapter
ONE amplifies this for us. BUT...are we a willing ONE, an obedient ONE, a sacrificing ONE, a broken ONE, a loving ONE? To be honest, in some areas of my life I am. In others...I am working on it. But, I want to be ONE, not divided.

I am sure that my very smart mathmatican friend (don't worry...I am sure know her, she is the ONE who cuts coupons, always finds stuff on sale, and will drive the extra 10 minutes for the buy one, get one free know her?) could tell us about the power of ONE...a prime number, every other number is divisible by it, and it is right before you hear "BLAST OFF!"

Trust me, I am NOT into reading a math textbook, are you?! The girls in my Bible Study would not approve. Instead, for the next couple of posts, let me share what we have discovered about the power of ONE from REAL, vulnerable, and very human people in the Bible! And, I'd love to share with them (and here)...
What have you witnessed from the power of ONE?!

Take your shoes off and stay a while...I promise it will be a BLAST!


Amanda said...

Awesome! Great, I will be posting about it on my blog tonight! You can go check it out when I have it up! :)

Tanya Glanzman said...

How brightly the Glory of God shines out of you- How passionately your heart loves Him- How beautiful are your bare feet that carry the good news of the Gospel of Peace. How thankful I am to read and be encouraged through the truth the Father chooses to pour through you as you avail yourself unto Him. How blessed those girls are to have you in their lives.

Amanda said...

I just left you an award on my blog and would like for you to participate!!! Go check it out!

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